video, digital collage

I believe that creative industries benefit greatly from strong female leadership, and that strong female leaders are a product of women helping each other succeed. To voice this belief, I created a manifesto based on the concept of women passing on their advice, rules, and standards for success. 

To deliver my manifesto, I created a typographically-driven video. This form allowed me to manipulate the pacing of content, emphasis on key elements, and added emotional impact of music to ultimately control the viewer's experience of the text. Rather than a printed piece that could be glanced over or consumed all at once, I wanted to drive my audience through my own words at exactly my intended tempo. 

This is a call to action for women to celebrate her strengths, own her path to success, and not let anyone stand in her way. 


Music: "Bad Girls," M.I.A (instrumental)



The CLB must understand the strength of her voice
Her unique ability to make concepts concrete
Her beautifully dangerous power to shift perceptions
Her gift to others in connecting the world to their ideas  

The CLB must never let her voice be the softest in the room
The CLB must seek marginalized voices who have been silenced
The CLB must use her voice to amplify the voices of those who cannot speak for themselves 

The CLB must demand recognition for her accomplishments
The CLB must claim responsibility for her errors 

Print “CLB" on your resume
Claim your bossiness; own that title
Ascend your throne and get to work 

Don’t be afraid to design in capital letters
Don’t be afraid to write your thoughts with dark ink 

Be bold about the value of your creativity
Be honest about the cost of your time
Be unapologetic about the importance of your contribution 

Don’t let them touch you, if not to shake your hand
Don’t let them take credit for ideas that are your own
Don’t let them talk over you, ever 

The world doesn’t have to change before the CLB can succeed,
But through her success, the CLB will change the world. 


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