Dear St. LOUIS

"Letters from MoKaBe's"

video, community-based project

MoKaBe's Coffeehouse serves much more than coffee to its community. The locally-owned business has organized supply drives for their homeless neighbors, hosted celebrations of cultural diversity, stood in solidarity with social justice movements, held provocative discussions, orchestrated fundraising for citizens in need, promoted support for local artists and non-profits, organized letter-writing to prisoners, and even opened their doors as a safe space for organizers during the unrest in Ferguson. 

I wanted to amplify the spirit of this unique space through the voices of those who spend time there. To capture these authentic voices, I asked customers to answer the prompt "Dear St. Louis," however they would like. 

During divisive times, we can learn so much just by listening to the people around us. The process of reaching out to strangers in my community was incredibly meaningful to me, and I hope the final product might encourage others to do the same. 


Original responses gathered from customers at MoKaBe's


I bound all the responses I collected into a simple book, ordered to reflect the narrative of the video. 


Select video frames

Music: "Your Hand In Mine" by Explosions In The Sky
Project featured on The St. Louis Egotist